The following four classes of boats are among the most popular on Folsom Lake. That is because they are ideally suited to Folsom Lake's light air conditions. They sail when other boats are stalled, and that makes sailing on Folsom Lake far more enjoyable. 

Because these classes have the largest fleets at the lake, their sailors enjoy greater support from the larger number of other sailors who also sail these class boats, racing and cruising is more fun and their skippers experience a closer camaraderie with sailors who sail similar boats.

Catalina 22, Fleet 4

22-foot, 2-crew (four cap.), family racer/cruiser

Fleet Captain: Mike Rayfuse (916) 359-0565

Santana 2o, Fleet 12

20-foot, 3-crew, racing sloop

Fleet Captain: Mark Werder (916) 213-8079

Lido 14, fleet 8

14', 2-crew, couples/family dinghy

Fleet Captain: John Poimiroo (916) 801-1013

banshee, fleet 1

13', singlehanded dinghy

Fleet Captain: Rob Cram, (916) 240-2621

Boats For sale

BANSHEE - Steve Harding (S Lake Tahoe) is selling a Banshee with sound hull and transom and a trailer. It has older sails and is minus a vang. Steve is looking for a reasonable price. Text Steve at 530-363-5200.

FLYING DUTCHMAN (1970) - Well protected/covered. Contact: Tony Lavalsiti, motherlode3680@att.net

LASER (1975 - Well protected/covered. Contact: Tony Lavalsiti, motherlode3680@att.net